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We need to legally park within 25 metres of your property for up to a minimum of 2 hours.

Please ensure you have visitors permits or spaces available.

Metered Parking is NOT acceptable.. Sorry

For longer stays, Vanessa will arrange parking suspensions with your Local Authority.

Congestion Zone:

There are NO additional charges for entering the zone


If you rent your property, please be aware YOU are responsible for paying the bill.

Please ensure you notify and seek the permission of the Landlord before authorising any repairs.

Or contact your Landlord to arrange a repair call on your behalf.

Thank You.

Maintenance, Breakdowns & General Repairs:

£149.00 Booked Appointments *see below

  1. Charges are not liable for VAT. I/we are not VAT registered

  2. Does NOT include parts or materials.

  3. There are NO hidden charges.

  4. You will NOT be charged for the time sourcing or delivery of parts.

  5. There is a 20% re-stocking charge on all spares, parts & materials.

We operate an electronic diary system, which allocates a 2 hour time slot for your appointment.

   10am - 12pm    12pm - 2pm   2pm - 4.00pm

Saturdays 9am - 1pm

We believe in a fixed price service:

Once we take on a job, we take on the responsibility for the price we've quoted.  So even if it takes longer than we thought, your bill won't escalate at an extortionate hourly rate.

We avoid hourly rates, at every opportunity..

Defined Scope Boiler Service:

Full Scope Boiler Service (plus combustion seals if req):

Unvented Cylinder Service (Megaflo):

Combined Boiler & Cylinder Service (defined scope):

Gas Fire Servicing (DFE, Outset, Inset, Flueless):

Combined Back Boiler & Fire:

Landlord Gas Safety Certification (excl gas fires):

£ 79.00 (minimum level)

£ 129.00

£ 89.00

£ 149.00

£ 99.00

£ 119.00

£ 79.00

Warranty & Maintenance

All equipment offered carries a standard manufacturers warranty, effective for a minimum of 12 months from the date of purchase/installation, and is conditional on the appliance being serviced at 12 month intervals by a competent registered gas operative, and has been installed in accordance with manufacturers instructions, and a service record is kept with a Benchmark certificate of compliance.

The warranty includes full parts cover, plus a labour allowance for replacement components (details available from this office on request).

A recommended maintenance program is available from this office, and we offer a full maintenance package to suit manufacturers specifications. To discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact us 01322 224214.

Terms & Conditions

Our standard terms and conditions of trading (available on request) apply in all instances. All quotations are inclusive of vat, which are charged at the prevailing rate. Payment terms are payment on completion, or within 28 days of completion, and submission of invoice (by prior arrangement).

*Where an appliance cannot be repaired or serviced, due to poor installation, or has not been installed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, or current Gas Safety Regulations, the minimum charge will apply at the current prevailing rate.

Any quotation is valid for 7 days from the date of quotation. Title of goods does not pass from ourselves until the final invoice is paid in full. In some instances, a deposit may be required.

Our Fixed Prices:

General Information

General Information & Terms

Please contact me for further information. Installation quotations are usually supplied FREE of charge. Specific quotations may incur a minimum charge, which is refundable if accepted.

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Save 20% on servicing and repairs, NO vat charges. I’m NOT vat registered!


£199.00 Plus Parts

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