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There are two types of servicing. There’s what I would describe as a ‘FULL SCOPE’ and a ‘DEFINED SCOPE’ servicing procedure.

The ‘FULL SCOPE’ is best described in the video below. The ‘DEFINED SCOPE’ comprises of a limited procedure, focusing on a visual inspection, flue gas analysis, and the minimum mandatory safety checks laid down in the Gas Safety Regulations (Reg 26/29).

This is an example of an analysis print out, with a very brief explanation.

These are electrodes covered in white residue, preventing the ignition system working correctly.

These would NOT be removed, or cleaned on a DEFINED SCOPE service.

Very common problem, and so easily prevented with a FULL SCOPE service.

Full Scope Servicing:

Testing and the results:

This is another perfect example of what WOULDN’T be found on defined scope service.

To access this area of the boiler, the burner assembly MUST be removed, therefore new seals would be required

To book a service for your boiler, please check which type of service you require, and call:

Mark: 07515-687740 or Email your full postal address and contact details to:

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Full scope servicing charge includes the cost of replacement combustion seals.

In an attempt to stay as ‘green’ as possible, a service record will be e-mailed with your receipt, as a PDF, for your records.

Condensing Boilers (Ecotec Ecomax)

Full Scope Servicing: £129.00 ( plus combustion seals )

Non-Condensing (Turbomax VCW)

Full Scope Service: £97.00

All boilers

Defined Scope Service: £79.00 (Minimum level service)