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Ok, we all know the aggravation caused by Tenants, and getting access to the properties to carry out a LANDLORDS CERTIFICATE.

So, as you’re probably aware, there are a lot of plumbers out there charging ridiculously cheap prices for issuing certificates.

And there are good reasons why.......

Firstly, the idea is to get in the property, and then find minor faults, that don’t tick exactly the right boxes, and hammer the life out of the remedial work required.

Secondly, they don’t have to touch anything, ie, NO SERVICING. Simply carry out the minimum couple of tests, and move on. This obviously suits plumbers that have no boiler training, or background, which most of them HAVEN’T.

Third, when the boiler, or another appliance goes wrong, they seem to have problems returning your calls! I wonder why?

So, we’ve broken the rule book a bit.

  1. 1.Simply forward the tenants details to me, and notify them I’ll be contacting them.

  2. 2.I’ll arrange a visit either at the WEEKENDS, or EVENINGS.

  3. 3.We’ll call, service the boiler AND issue the certificate.

  4. 4.Once completed, I’ll contact you for payment by Card, then the Safety Certificate and Servicing Certificate will be e-mailed to you simultaneously.

  5. 5.All you have to do now... is print and sign it, and we’re done.

  6. 6.You now have a hard copy, you can print as many times as you want, tenant, agent, office, whatever....

This is Joey, carrying out a service and flue gas analysis on an Ecotec.

Landlords Gas Safety Certificates:

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